I was never fortunate to see the Port Lorne Light in person. The story goes that it was removed without warning and replaced by the current metal light. I have wandered around the site of the original lighthouse and have found what appear to be the corners of the original foundation. I imagine that there are still remnants of the old lighthouse on the hill behind the fish houses where the demolished remains were reportedly dumped. 

Last summer we returned to Port Lorne and realized that our bedroom was dark. We were used to the light shining in through our bedroom window, so the darkness was out of place. As the summer went on, we heard the rumor that the light was being decommissioned. I was worried about how our lobster fishermen would find their way back home without the beacon, but I suppose you don't make a living on the Bay of Fundy without knowing your way home in the dark!

So I got used to the darkness and realized the beauty of the Port Lorne night. There are more stars than I have ever seen. The Milky Way reaches across the sky and Andromeda can be seen right above where the light used to shine. Last summer,I even saw the Northern Lights across the Bay.


So we lost our lighthouse twice now, but we gained billions of lights that light up the dark skies of Port Lorne.