Fowler, Lewis assess damage after storm rips wharf apart

Lawrence Powell
Published on February 04, 2014

Martin Lewis, from the community group preserving the wharf in Port Lorne, and local resident and Annapolis County Councillor Wayne Fowler stood Monday on the end of the wharf where a mid-January storm caused massive destruction. The entire deck of the wharf – for about 80 feet – was torn up and washed away. That left some old posts and the rock ballast. There are two boats that fish from the wharf, providing employment for seven families. And the wharf and breakwater also protect the shoreline where erosion in the past has already claimed several homes and an entire field. Lewis is afraid if the wharf is not repaired and the rest of it collapses, some homes will be washed away within the next 20 years. Lewis is hoping there is some funding out there somewhere that his group can tap into to repair the wharf. The storm was so strong that one concrete 'manhole' in the part of the wharf that survived, was lifted right out of the deck and carried away by the waves that Lewis said just rolled over the breakwater. The manhole weighed several hundred pounds. Lewis said the wharf is more than 100 years old, making it one of the oldest along the Fundy shore. Fowler said county council will help seek funding.